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New French modules?

I am in a French club and have done all modules that I have and just reviewing now. A moment ago I saw that one member of the club was doing "Christmas" module. I do not have that. Does anyone know how to add these new modules? Why are they not on my French section? Thanks all.

August 14, 2017



Its a bonus skill available in shop near (or on idk) christmas


I see, so it was only available for limited time? I will make sure to check the store next Christmas then. Thanks!


Have you tried the reverse tree - learning english as if you are a native french speaker? I am doing so currently and there is quite a bit of different vocabulary there. I am finding it very helpful. You can test out of many of the modules so you can get to a finished tree rather quickly. Once there, you can practice as much as you want. Many of the questions involve the past perfect and other tenses which I feel were not used often enough in the french version. And, so far, there have been many fewer questions and statements I would never use like "my cellar contains three cubic meters of firewood" I saw that so often in the french version that i began to dream about it, lol.


Hahaha....lucky you dreaming in French. That's an interesting idea. I will look into that. Thanks!

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