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Things that are important to know when you are learning Dutch!

Please, don't downvote with no reason. If there is something wrong about this discussion, let me know.

In Dutch there are so many things that are different from the English language. (Haha the whole language :'D) There are a lot of things you can or can't say in Dutch and things you say in a different way. I will also show some litterally translations and many more!


You may know that this means ''Alsjeblieft'' in Dutch. (Or ''Alstublieft'', the formal version) In English you use ''Please'' when you want something or in a question. For example: ''Can I please have a burger?'' ''Please, believe me.''

In Dutch you use it in the same way, but you also say it when you give something to someone. Or when you help someone. Something you do/give for somebody else. For example: ''Alsjeblieft, het kado dat je vroeg'' litteral translation: ''Please, the present you asked'' What it means: ''Here you go, the present you asked'' Or: ''Alstublieft; varkensvlees met salade'' Litteral translation: ''Please; pork with salad'' What it means: ''There you go; pork with salad''

When someone says ''Alsjeblieft'', you mostly (have to) say ''Dankjewel'' or ''Dankuwel'', formal (Which means''Thanks'')


In Dutch you don't say ''What's the time''. You say: ''Hoe laat is het?'' Litteral translation: ''How late is it?'' You can say ''Wat is de tijd?'' (Litteral translation of What's the time) But I never said that. Also: People won't look weird at you if you say the litteral translation!


Whoa.. wait what? Yes, you say that in Dutch. It's a translation for ... euh.. There are sooo many translations for ''Niets aan de hand'' in English, I would say it means ''No problem''. But yeah here you go with all the translations: Click Here

Those are things you say often in Dutch, those are normal things. And it is important to know, so I had to make a discussion about it xD


August 14, 2017



Ah in German we do the same thing with please, anyway good to know thanks even though I literally started dutch 5 minutes ago heh

August 14, 2017


Now, posted it in the good Topic.

August 14, 2017


Thank you for writing this!

August 17, 2017


I like this post! A WHOLE LOT!

December 17, 2017


This is a useful and pleasant post to read. Dankjewel.

March 6, 2019
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