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"La ventana de mi coche no es grande."

Translation:My car's window is not big.

5 years ago



I put "My car window" instead of "my car's window" and they counted it wrong. Why is that wrong?

5 years ago


My guess ; The Duo computer program wants to see the possessive, 'car's window" rather than turning 'car' into an adjective modifying 'window.'

5 years ago


I think 'my car window ' is correct .

4 months ago


In my car seems much more appropriate then the option given "of my car". That would never be said.

5 years ago


"the window in my car is not big" has a different meaning. this sentence is definitely using 'of' to show ownership/posession. The car owns the window. so you could say "the window of my car" or "my car's window"

5 years ago


I wrote: The window of my car is not that large. It counted me incorrect because of the 'that'. I guess that was my fault.

3 years ago


What does "de" stand for?

4 months ago