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Co-ordinating conjunctions

Hey guys, So I'm pretty new at German and I'm super confused with Co-ordinating conjunctions. I just wanted to ask if this is correct (this is an example):

Das Essen war toll, selbst die Beilage gut aus hat geschmeckt.

If not, what do I have to change?


August 14, 2017

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I presume that you think selbst is a coordinating conjunction.

I'd think of it as an adverb; Duden calls it a particle.

You have two sentences there -- English would call this a "comma splice" and would demand at least a semicolon between them, if not a full stop. German is a bit more tolerant about using a comma in such cases.

But the second sentence is wrong. It starts and ends good but in the middle there's just a jumble of words and I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Perhaps Selbst die Beilage hat uns gut geschmeckt? I'm not sure what the aus "out of" is doing there.

The verb hat has to go in the second position, after selbst die Beilage "even the side dish".

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