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  5. 'auftreten' vs. 'aufführen'


'auftreten' vs. 'aufführen'

  1. What is the difference between auftreten and aufführen?

  2. What is the correct translation for "Brought to you by (name of company),"?

LG Jason

August 14, 2017



auftreten is intransitive -- "to perform" in the sense of "be on a stage and perform something"

aufführen is transitive and takes a direct object: the play etc. that you are performing.

2 - when a show on TV is sponsored, you often hear [show] wird Ihnen präsentiert von [company]

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@mizinamo, I never ever heard (or remember hearing) of transitive and intransitive verbs. Something bad was going on in my life when I was at the learning grammar stages of my development. I think I should take an English grammar course, because everything is fuzzy when any grammar points are brought up. I learn through brute force and repetition. ;-0


I've heard a book called English Grammar for Students of German mentioned a couple of times here. I've never read it myself but I wonder whether it might be helpful for you.

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Leiber mizinamo, I just ordered English Grammar for Students of German the latest edition (6th) from Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member so it ships free and I will get it this Thursday. I am really excited about this. Vielen Dank, Susan

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