App acting cray cray!!

Do anyone have this problem?

Im learning French, but the apps automated skill counter have gone haywire. It's always insisting that i need to learn basic 1. LIKE ALL THE TIME, and im going to go crazy if i have to to to say: Je mange une orange, one more time. I can't progress any other skills and my practice rounds sometimes don't give me health, so im forced to do basic 1 again and again. I assume it's some bug, but it is really annoying, it makes Duolingo an awful experience.

Please help

Also just noticed, that im apparently further in my progress according to website that i am on the app.

It's cray cray!

August 14, 2017


Sorry for this question, but are you absolutely sure you're on the same account on both the app and the website? This is a rather common reason for differences between the two.
Otherwise, you could try to see if you can narrow down some synchronisation issues. Do a lesson on the website, reload the app and see what happens. Then try it the other way round.
If this is a recent problem, it's also possible that you are part of some A/B test. In that case, stop using the app until you get a new update and just use the webpage. If you're really part of a test, that should give DL some very clear data about whatever change they introduced...

August 14, 2017


August 14, 2017
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