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Comments section in "club"

I've been learning German with Duolingo for a while now and I just discovered club section for a week ago, it's so good and I love the competition and how I'm always pushing myself to beat the others, so basically the concept is great but, the only missing thing is the "comments", I hate that I can't comment with my own words and have to use one of the few choices given in the "comments" section. Dunno if Duolingo is planing to improve that! Or is there a trick to find more comments ?because a guy in my group use words that are not suggested for me!

August 14, 2017


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@Rough_h, I've been at this for awhile also and I do not know about a club section. Is this on a Duo app on your smart phone?


Clubs are on the mobile app.


Duolingo made my wish true hahaha now I can comment with my own words !! Thank you team Duolingo for that !!!

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