"The girl of my sister is my niece."

Translation:Fata surorii mele este nepoata mea.

August 14, 2017

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'The daughter,' not 'the girl'


I am confused as to why "my sister" is in plural for the romanian translation but in singular for the english? I can recognize that "sister" is in singular genitive dative, but the "mele" throws me off...


It is not in plural but in singular genitive. You are misled by "surori" that is indeed the plural of "soră" but here we have "surorii" (double i). As a side discussion Romanians debate which of "surorii mele" or "sorei mele" is better. Both forms are used.


But unfortunately "sorei mele" is not accepted((


Fetița sorei mele... Should be accepted


Why cant i have fata surorii mele imi este nepoata, which is similar to a sentence we had in an eatlier exercise


I thought "mele" was only used in plural cases. When is it used in singular form?


It's the genitive form of the possessive pronoun "meu"(my) Câinele meu este alb (my dog) Pisica mea este albă (my cat) Câinii mei sunt albi (my dogs) Pisicile mele sunt albe (my cats) And now the genitive: Urechea câinelui meu este albă (my dog's ear) Urechea pisicii mele este albă (my cat's ear) Urechile câinilor mei sunt albe (my dogs'ears) Urechile pisicilor mele sunt albe (my cats' ears)

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