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Conversational Spanish

Hello, all. I was wondering if there are any chat places on Duolingo or other websites that you guys know of where we can practice conversational Spanish. It is easy learning Spanish and reading it. However, the real test comes when people ask you question or say things that are not planned out. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

August 14, 2017



Hi! You can edit and move your discussion to the Spanish for English speakers forum, simply so that you'll receive better responses.

Also, here's a pretty detailed guide explaining which forum to post your discussion in:


Events where you can meet other Duolingo people is new in labs. There might be something in your area: https://events.duolingo.com/

If not, you could check out meet-ups if you are in the US. There are probably other similar conversation groups in other countries.


You should have a look at HelloTalk and http://www.language-exchanges.org/


Thank you everyone for your feedback. I will check out the suggested websites!

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