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  5. "Wasichana hawapendi kunenepa"

"Wasichana hawapendi kunenepa"

Translation:The girls do not like to put on weight

August 14, 2017



Um reinforce body image issues much?


Good to know i can now be sexist in a foreign language :(


10-MAY-2018: Reported that an optional answer could be "Girls don't like to gain weight"


What is this nonsense? I'm sorry if this wasn't meant like this but the first thing I think about when I hear things like this is someone making fun of women and regarding them as petty/vain/snobby because we "don't like to gain weight"...which really means many of us are told that being heavier means being unlovable so we don't like to put on weight (and that's assuming we don't, which isn't always true). This stereotype almost killed me because I actually have had an eating disorder and didn't seek help because I thought I would be laughed at and lectured "You girls are just so vain for not wanting to gain weight" while ironically being ridiculed for gaining weight back as recovery from my disorder (the latter of which happened directly to me and the former of which is stuff I read online by people who don't understand that an eating disorder is the result of trauma and not wanting to be ridiculed and not about vanity/being a stuck up snob). I thought people would shrug me off and not take my problem seriously so even when I was ready to admit it was a problem, I didn't. And I almost died.

I know I apologized in case it wasn't meant like that, but if not, what's the alternative?


This is a sexist thought.

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