"To go" and "to walk" are often interchangeable in English, but "walk" is a more specific and clear action of moving somewhere by foot. What is the difference between "iść" and "chodzić"? Does one verb mean the specific action of moving by foot, or is there another verb meaning this?


August 14, 2017


Thank you! Very much appreciated :)

August 14, 2017

Hello jenfenmyri, you’re right that one of those verbs - namely chodzić is more specific and down to earth I would say. I would also say that it mainly refers to the physical activity of walking on foot, f. ex. Nauczył się chodzić już w wieku 14 miesięcy (He learned how to walk at the age of 14 months). Moreover it is used also in such connotations as chodzić po schodach (walk/go upstairs or downstairs) or chodzić po górach (walking in the mountains). On the contrary, iść, is more general and I would rather understand as the verb that expresses our plans, f. ex. Idę do kina (I am going to the cinema) / Idę do lekarza (I am visiting a doctor). I hope it was useful and terribly sorry if there is any mistake in English (as I’m not a native speaker). Best regards,

September 17, 2017
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I think that Jellei has explained it quite well here:

October 4, 2017
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