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"Er wird nicht länger als vier Tage bleiben."

Translation:He will not stay longer than four days.

March 28, 2014



Why isn't remain longer than four days correct?


I think that too should be accepted. Did you report it?


Why isn't "nicht mehr als vier Tage" the same as "nicht länger als vier Tage"? The second may be better German, but aren't they both correct?


Gosh I said "He will not stay longer days than Four"


The wird sounds like willst!!!!!!!!


repoooooort iiiiittt!!!!!!!!!!


But it's not the audio that's wrong, they just sound similar when said fast


Is it possible to move the 'nicht' to the second to last word: "Er wird länger als vier Tage nicht bleiben"? If not, why?


In this case it sounds as if the 'nicht bleiben' is a unit, as if the 'nicht' only negates the 'bleiben'. In the English sentence 'not' is negating the whole sentence. I hope you get what I mean, it's difficult to describe. :)

Take the difference in the meaning of those two examples:

Er wird nicht drei Tage (lang) essen. (He won't be eating for three days (it'll take him only an hour to eat)

Er wird drei Tage nicht essen. (He won't eat in the time of three days.)

Difficult to explain it is indeed. :D


"he will stay here for no longer than four days" should be accepted right?


No, the sentence does not specify where he is staying. My husband is going to visit our daughter in another state; he will not stay more than four days.


he will stay not more than four days

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