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i am having difficulty not looking at the answers because i am finding it hard, can some one tell me how to overcome the erg to cheat. HELP


August 14, 2017



The point is that if you don't know the answer, you look at the word to help you remember. You're supposed to "cheat."


oh phew thanks x


although it removes points everytime you hover over the word.


its just such a temptation!


My plan to become fluent in French is to look up words in dictionaries and translators, and I am going to cheat cheat cheat and cheat more until I succeed. If you have never seen the word before, why should you know it? Even if you have, forgetting happens to everyone... if you're insistent you can pause and think, or guess based on the sentence, but I would say don't feel ashamed in cheating.


yeah it can be really helpful when you do not know a word


Keep practicing, it's fine if you look at the answer but try to remember it so next time you wont have to


just keep on doing it everyday and keep up your strength everyday


Another way is to check my videos before starting your lessons: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuEQ46asZFw48r3KtjGkROg They will explain you all you need to know for the lesson, so that you start with some knowledge already. :) Enjoy!

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