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German on Duolingo - Much difference in Austrian dialect?

Howdy Readers,

Just posting here as I have just taken up learning some basic German before I head out to Austria on Erasmus placement this coming semester.

I was just wondering if anybody would know if there is much difference between what you take from the Duolingo course and what is actually spoken in Austria? :-)

Thanks a mil for reading!

August 14, 2017



Hi James, I´m afraid the answer is yes. It is different. BUT go ahead with duo it will help you a lot. You'll learn the basics and the differences you will learn in Austria. Here's a link from the TV News of Austria. You can listen to the different language "sound".


Hannibal is right, learn to walk and then learn to dance. Apart from that the accent/dialect is very charming and the country is wonderful. You will have a great time that´s for sure :-).

regards Angel


It depends a lot on where in Austria you are, and in what context you'll be using the language. In formal educational contexts, people will tend to use Standard German (or something pretty close to it). On the street or in informal conversations, people may sometimes chat to each other in local dialects, of which there are more than one in Austria. For example, "Wienerisch" is the local dialect of Vienna, which is sometimes so different from Standard German that it's really a whole other language. Other regions of Austria tend to have their own local dialects. However, I studied in a Viennese Fachhochschule for a year, and I can say that I didn't have much trouble understanding most of the teachers, outside of a few instances. For example, there was one teacher who pronounced the number "zwei" as "zwaa", which always confused me because "zwar" is a word in German which means something completely different. In general, I would agree with the advice others have already posted here: focus on learning Standard German, and when you get to Austria, you should find that the local Austrian differences aren't a huge impediment to your comprehension.

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