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Streak: Legit question

So, at first glance this might just seem like another post with someone whining about a lost streak. But I have a legit question for people who have lost big streaks (i.e. over 150 days). Does motivation become a problem for you after losing a big streak? I had a streak of 548 days and lost it while at camp. I'm totally going to keep learning languages and I definitely would have rather gone to camp than keep my streak, but I'm just wondering if it was ever hard for you to keep going or discouraging after losing such a big number? My streak kept me going through times when I had no desire to practice. I am perfectly aware that it's just a number, so please don't downvote because you think I'm just complaining. Thanks!

August 14, 2017



I had a streak of 189 days going, and I thought it was really motivating me. I even made sure I kept it up when I went away on a European holiday. A couple of weeks ago I somehow lost my streak. I don't recall that I ever missed a day, but it went to zero. I was initially disheartened and felt really demotivated, but now I'm really glad it happened. I was focusing so much on the streak number that I realized I was no longer having fun learning. It was more of a chore that I had to do.

I still have a practice of studying every day, but now I don't even look at my streak number. I've started enjoying studying again because now I focus on language learning and skill progression. My focus right now is to do timed practices without making any errors.


That's inspiring. Good luck with your language learning!


I had a streak of 115, and it was rather motivational for the most part. However I didn't lose it, but rather deliberately dropped it. I found that I was getting a bit too concerned with keeping it, and I figured that the higher the number would grow the more stressed I'd be about it. So I took a break and then started anew. I have to say, it didn't demotivate me. In fact my new streak helps me to stop procrastinating as well as the first one did. And I am as enthusiastic with keeping it for a time as I was before. Still, I think I'll drop it again at around 150 (if I won't lose it before that).

I guess for some people this practice of deliberately breaking your streak can seem pointless and thus demotivational, but it works for me.


Interesting idea. I can see how that would help. You would never become too obsessed with a number.


I lost a 1400 day streak and I'm still here. I think it mostly depends on the person but I even didn't have the time to worry about it because I had to focus in other things when I lost my longest streak.


I've lost several streaks, the largest was over 400. I was disappointed, but I took it as an opportunity to concentrate on some different resources and came back to DL after a break. Since then, I try to keep my streak, but if I don't, I don't. No point beating myself up about it. It's useful exactly so long as it motivates you. If it doesn't, it's no longer useful.


My streak was at least 4 years when I lost it, over 1200 days. It was fun, but really didn't motivate me. I really, really want to speak French well and so that is why I come every day to practice the same exercises. My goal is to be able to answer every exercise correctly, all of the time, except for typos. I want to know that I know the correct words and grammar. I practice French from English and English from French so that I can master what DL can teach me.


Streaks may provide good motivation for some users, but for me, it's more of a fun indicator of continuity than a motivator. I'm never really been concerned with mine (my current one being a sole day long haha), because life happens! I think I would not enjoy using Duolingo as much if there was that sort of pressure to maintain a number. My highest streak was around 200 days (I think), and while I have read posts about people who are devastated to lose theirs (some even going so far as to leave Duo because of an upsetting streak loss), I had no attachment to mine so it didn't affect me nor my learning at all. But, that's just me. :-)


yes, it's not discouraging for me, but makes me upset


What was your biggest streak?


sorry, I forgot. But I'm on a 7 day streak cause i started my new account 7 days ago


I had a account but i locked myself out of it and when duolingo said they'll email the way to fix it, the email crashed. So if ya see, I theirs Toggitang2 and Toggitang22. So i was really upset. I had like only a 7 day streak on it but it felt like hard work down the drain.


My highest streak was 101 which I had last year or 2 years ago. I lost it since I was travelling and I was going to Congo to visit my family so trying to get a good Wi-Fi connection is hard. I felt so discouraged but I improved my French speaking with my cousins. I don't use Duolingo as much as I used to (I was really addicted) :P


I managed to keep my streak intact even when we took a 3 week driving trip to Oregon and back last month (4200 miles round trip.) Cut it close a few times, but doing 10-15 minutes of Duolingo in the morning is just part of my daily routine at home now. I've already completed my French tree and have put Irish on hold.

Doing a few minutes of French doesn't get me much progress towards re-gilding my tree, seems like it's 3 steps forward, 3 steps back. Right now my short-term goal is to try to get all the modules up to the 3rd checkpoint back to gold, I've come close a few times.


You should focus on learning, after all the streak is just a number. :)


Hi @Scarlett_Lucian. First off, wow, that was like, really, really deep, which I think is really awesome. Second of all, I feel like the streak shouldn't be the motivation. Learning the language should be the motivation. After all, when you initially signed up for Duolingo, you didn't join just so you could keep a really long streak, did you? You probably signed up to learn a language. So from now on, try focusing on learning rather than a streak. Hope that was helpful P.S. If you download Duolingo on a mobile device, you can take it with you on the go and try to continue your streak. That's what I do when I go on vacation


Thank you. Good point.


It's actually not too hard. I had a small streak of maybe 50-60 days or so, (it was a while ago, I don't really know which), then I lost it. I was a bit annoyed, but then just kind of went, "Oh well, gotta keep limber," And have tried to be flexible and know where my priorities lie. Hope this helps! ☺


Thanks. I'm glad that you were able to get into your old account.


Oh, I'm his sister ☺ He was toggitang2


Ich hab dir einen Lingot geschickt - lern weiter!


Sorry about your streak :( But I've never actually had that big of a streak (I think 40 is my record.) For me though it sometimes gives me a reason to go on (got to maintain the streak.) So when I lose even a 10 day streak I lose my reason to keep going on to Duo.


Of course it helps motivation seeing the badgets. And the max global streak badget(s) / personal streak statistics are missing on DuoLingo.

Tracking max streak days living_abroad: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24015821$comment_id=24025662

Comparing it to Memrise:
They are counting individual language course streaks.
There is no "streak freeze" available per course, just like DuoLingo app language course streaks (which you can't see on the website without DuoTweak).

It definitely affected my motivation on Memrise, seing my longer course streaks for the Memrise-DuoLingo-PT course gone.
Now even the global 95days max streak baget has been removed with the introduction of Ziggy.

I am still motivated to review and learn new words (more about reviewing 1200/1800 words) and to finish the Memrise DL PT BR course one day...

But I am not trying to reach for daily streaks anymore >5-10 days, as they (the course streaks) will reset by accident too soon...and I can not beat my 95days streak baget either.
It is more important (for me) to review vocabulary/phrases every ~1-2 weeks (more complicated to do that with 6 finished courses) than to try to learn daily NEW words (for going courses)....

There is another big cons factor on Memrise:
If you review finished courses, the course streak can not go up on the webinterface.
So what would be my motivation to daily review the backlog? Points?
So I like that this does not happen on DuoLingo.
Even if you finish the course (reach the tree end and get your golden owl), you can review daily, you collect XP points, your level raises, and you global streak is added (per multiple courses)....until the next tree update ;)


I've only ever lost one streak--somewhere around 120 days. I almost completely gave up on Duolingo after that. But I stuck with it and have not missed a day since then. One thing that helps me is the streak leaderboard--I know if I miss a day it'll show up there.


Streak leaderboard? Also, you seemed to have stopped leveling up after 22. Is there are a reason?


There's a Streak Hall Of Fame that you can sign up for when your streak reaches day 300. (this is the signup post, but there's a link to this week's post in it.) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151

After I finish a tree, I level up all my courses evenly--right now I go in cycles of 5 lessons each of Esperanto, Spanish, Russian, Welsh, and 10 lessons each of Italian and Swahili till those catch up. (Since Swahili is the tree I'm working on, I do new lessons if I can do an entire unit after making sure the tree so far is gold. If not, I just keep doing strengthen skills.) Sometimes I can get through all of that in one day, usually it takes 2 or 3...


Wow. That is quite the time consuming strategy. But it sounds efficient. Do you know the content of your trees well?


My streak keeps me practicing daily so I'm happy I have it! But when I lose it I don't feel discouraged, I think I'm actually more inclined to get back to practicing right away to get another streak going! Haha! Nice discussion, loving the responses!


Yeah, that's kind of what it is for me right now. I want to try and beat my previous streak. It'll take time but I'm up for the challenge!

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