"I collect the cheese pieces in the bag."

Translation:Eu adun bucățile de brânză în pungă.

August 14, 2017

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Why can't you use 'piesele' for pieces here?


Piese is like parts and bucați is a number of.... According to my Romanian partner.


why do we use adun and not culeg?


Sacul sould be accepeted. Why do you love pungă so much? My rumenian friend, the reason I'm studying Romanian, also says that pungă is motly used for paper supermarket bags.


"în sacul" is incorrect because the preposition cancels out the need for the definitive article. Duolingo accepts "în sac"


Duolingo: If there is a specific type of bag in your mind for this sentence please say so! Why not pungă? And in the hints let the uppermost one be correct.


hahaha ! it was so evident that "sac:" was french "sac" that I did not dare to put it as a correct translation ! Every time I do not follow my first impression, I make a mistake. and not only for translating,but for everything.


Not every time, bro, trust me. ;)


In the hints, please put the most relevant word at the top of the list, so that when we use what Duo suggests, it is not marked wrong. This has happened before and it is so unhelpful for learners of Romanian. We do not know immediately why sacul is incorrect if you put it at the top of the list.

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