"Calculatorul are o tastatură și un monitor."

Translation:The computer has a keyboard and a monitor.

August 15, 2017

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interesting lesson. i learned a lot of english words which I never use and would therefore have made translation difficult, were it not because the romanian words are mostly close to French ( my mother-tongue.)It would definitely be easier and quicker for me to learn Romanian with a French basis but using DUO allows me to refresh my english, a language which I don't speak very often since more than 25 years because I live in South America. ( my basic daily languages are French-Spanish and Swiss German).with a sprinkling of German, Italian and Portuguese,


Congratulations, your English is excellent. Note that it is better to say "which I have not spoken very often for more than 25 years". "since" sometimes deviates in meaning from "depuis".


Or, as I prefer to say, English is like German here, where you use "since" for a moment in time (since 2005) and "for" for a period of time (for 15 years).

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