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"It is an important contract for that industry."

Translation:C'est un contrat important pour cette industrie.

August 15, 2017



Don't most adjectives come after the noun it describes? What's going o here? Thanks for any insight.


...yes? Exactly as in the sentence above?

un contrat important = un contrat "a contract" + important "important"


"important" can be placed before or after the noun it modifies, with a slight shift in meaning:

  • more objective: c'est un contrat important: everybody agrees it is important
  • more subjective: c'est un important contrat: my opinion only


I think you got a weird brain fart when doing the exercise! Because the adjective is after the noun it describes here.

If you meant that it was "C'est un important contrat pour cette industrie", there are some specific rules about where to put the adjective, before or after.

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