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Is this Ukrainian forum dying/dead?

When I first started Ukrainian you could see people asking questions and getting answers quite often from Mods or other people, but now if I go into the Sentences forum it seems like there are many unanswered questions which I find kinda sad (I try my best to answer some but I've lost a lot of knowledge about the language). My main focus is Dutch right now and it seems like people ask questions and get answers every day meanwhile for Ukrainian it's every few days or a week later. What happened to this course?

August 15, 2017



I'm not a moderator of this course, so I'm not sure whether they receive any notifications about new questions. As a user who just wants to contribute to the Ukrainian course by checking its quality and by answering questions, I completed the Ukrainian course once reporting problems I found, I opened every single thread and if there were any unanswered questions I did answer them.

However, I (and other people like me) can't do it over and over again, and there is no way I can see there are new questions. I do visit this discussion forum, and I'm not the only native speaker of Ukrainian who does that, so if you can kindly send links to any unanswered questions here (to this forum, or to this thread in particular) I'm sure they will be answered promptly.

Probably not the best way to deal with that though, maybe there are other solutions.


The moderators can see new questions via the incubator. How much attention they're paying, I have no idea.


Well, I just scanned over all the threads it showed me from the last three months in just a few minutes, so, aye, it seems the forum is less than lively. This isn't unusual for the not-as-commonly-learned languages.

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