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The Way Duolingo Breaks Translation Sentences

Am I the only person frustrated with some of the horrible translations that are being voted as being the best on some of the German Wikipedia translations? Duolingo (likely something automated, but still) continually makes mistakes in breaking a Wikipedia page's sentences into exercise boxes, using German periods - which aren't always used as they're used in English - as breaks. The Paul Lindau translation up now is a case in point. People don't bother to look at the original page in the German Wikipedia, and they don't realize that most of the later sentences are a list of the things he wrote. Instead of translating book titles, people are mistakenly taking the boxes as being complete sentences and translating accordingly. Whatever comes out of this (and it'd be nice if Duolingo would tell us what the result of a translation is; I certainly don't know) is going to be very incorrect. Might someone with Duolingo look into this and fix whatever algorithm is at fault?

March 9, 2013

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Thanks for this feedback on translations. We're working on a new way to view translations that I think will clear up a lot of what you're describing. Stay tuned for updates.

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