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"When is John the Baptist celebrated?"

Translation:Când se sărbătorește Sfântul Ion?

August 15, 2017



But Sfântul Ion could also be the other Saint John, disciple of Jesus and author of the fourth gospel. Or is there a difference in Romanian?


John the Baptist is Ioan Botezatorul. As you say the writer of the fourth gospel is Sfântul Ion.


Nu există Sfântul Ion, corect este Sfântul Ioan.


"Când este Sfântul ion sărbătorit?" ar trebui să fie de asemenea acceptat.


Sfantul Ion is the holy John not john the baptist when translated


In fact the translation is "Saint John" (many languages have the same word for "saint" and "holy", but in English we make a distinction). But I get your point, and one or two of us have pointed this out on another page.

As a title, "Holy" is rather limited, "the Holy Mary", "the Holy Trinity", "the Holy Father". and perhaps a couple more. Everyone else is "Saint This" or "Saint That". Even Joseph.


Ar lucra și Ion Sfântul

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