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  5. "Де моя дитина?"

"Де моя дитина?"

Translation:Where is my child?

August 15, 2017



Українска: Де моя дитина? Русский: Где мой ребёнок?

[deactivated user]

    Just for the completeness’ sake, Belarusian is «Дзе маё дзіцё?» (Dzie majo dzicio) :)


    Really? It is really cool that you speak Belarusian! I speak Russian which I am proud of and learning Ukrainian. If I ever learn Ukrainian, it would be cool to learn Belorusian but that would be hard because there is no like duolingo course or anything for it


    I was marked wrong for "where is my girl?" If дитина means a female child, why can I not use "girl"?


    Дитина is a feminine word but it does not mean a girl child (дівчинка). Word gender has more to do with the letters in Ukrainian than with the actual subject itself.


    Then, does this means it can't be transtaled into "Girls" either. Since plural then the right meaning would be "Children"?

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