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Someone have some tips to learn french?

I started to learn french recently, and i want other sites, channels on youtube, or any other material or tips. Cause only duolingo it's not enough.

Please help me


August 15, 2017



Here are some links:

This link has many free audiobooks in French:

Here are 6 lists of several French verbs and its conjugation:

This is a game of Karaoke in French:

French radios:

I hope it helps you. :)


If I can give you some advice, you could search French YouTubers that talk about a topic that you enjoy. Usually, good YouTubers tend to speak in a really clear language. Especially on educative and/or science related channels. At least, this is how I personally learned English. I may not speak it really well, but trust me, it will incredibly help your listening comprehension.

It is of course better to look for videos that got subtitles (at least for the beginning, the goal being to get rid of the subtitles). Intelligible and interesting French channels may be : Dirtybiology, Les revues du monde. Nota bene. Ginger Force. Poisson Fécond. M-Gigantoraptor. Naya Ali. Trash. And you also have an overwhelming number of gaming YouTubers or fashion YouTubers.

I hope it helped.


Or you can talk with a french ! :)


Making French friends is indeed a great way to learn the language. Especially if you want tips on the current spoken language, or the pronunciation of certain words. ^^


Yes I am. ^^ (but I'm using the English version of duolinguo because otherwise I couldn't learn Swedish)


Yes ! And French is a beautiful language ! :p

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