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"Hun vil gerne gøre noget for ham."

Translation:She would like to do something for him.

August 15, 2017



Could we also translate to "she would like to make something for him"? If not, how would we say this in Danish?


'At gøre' usually translates to 'to do', while 'at lave' usually translates to 'to make'

Hun vil gerne lave noget for/til ham


The way it was explained to me is that you use "gøre" for "make" when it's paired with an adjective, so for instance ...

Hun vil gerne lave noget for ham. = She will make something for him. Hun vil gerne gøre noget godt for ham. = She will make something good for him.

So because there's no adjective here, gøre doesn't mean "make".


How would I say she would do anything for him?

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