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"Streak" vs "On Track"

Hello Duo!

I'd like to ask about "streak" number on the website and "on track" number in the iPhone app. They seem to be completely unrelated to each other and use different logic for calculating "compliance". In my case the numbers I see are about 30 days apart ("on track" is +30 or so from "streak").

My question is - do you have any plans to change anything in regards of these?

I find both numbers useful in different ways and I'm using both the app and the site regularly so my vote would be to see both numbers in both places =)

March 28, 2014



We do plan on unifying the experience across all platforms. We launched Coach on iOS, which isn't just about completing an action on Duolingo every day to maintain a streak. Coach lets you set a goal and you can still remain on track despite missing a day, which is why you will see this discrepancy. I understand it can be confusing. :) Appreciate the feedback.


One unfortunate thing I noticed about streaks is that if you should edit a coaching track, e.g. change from regular to casual, it immediately resets days to 0. For example, I have maintained Spanish and German coaching for the same number of days, but Spanish shows 40ish more days because I was examining the available options under the German coach.

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And I can tell first hand, that losing the coach's plan does hurt if you have been "on" since its very introduction. It was like another streak. :( Yes, a little less than losing the real streak.

But I really love the Couch feature on iOS!

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