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Improving Duolingo

I've noticed that while learning both French and German, that 80% of the time Duolingo gets us to translate from target language into home language. If anything it would be more beneficial to have this the other way round as it forces you to start thinking in your target language from day one, and gets you writing in your target language as opposed to just reading.

Also - I feel that there need to be more listening exercises.

Anyone else find the same, or any other things that could enhance the learning experience?

August 15, 2017



Duolingo uses a very good teaching method for beginners and for people, who want to brush up their school knowledge.

  1. In the course "German for English speakers" you are learning the grammar and the pronunciation. You will mostly translate from German to English and the user interface is in English.

  2. You can start the reverse tree.
    In the "reverse tree", the course "English for German speakers", you will mostly translate from English to German. The user interface is in German. And you can start to read (and write) in the German discussion forums.
    You can also do both courses at once.

  3. In the "laddering trees" you can do "Foreign language 2" from "Foreign language 1" and reverse. If you are learning two ore more foreign languages.


ah thanks, must say doing a learning english course didn't cross my mind.


You may find you want to turn the sound off when you take an English course: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account

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