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Website you can use to improve your German

Hi, Ich bin über eine Seite gestolpert, die ich schon fast vergessen hatte. Vielleicht gefällt sie einigen von Euch.


Schaut mal unter Quiz und Blog rein. Ich finde die Seite gut gemacht.

Grüße Angel

August 15, 2017


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Is this site only for German speaking English learners?


Hi, I would say this website is for people who learn German and already know the language a little bit better. The hole content is in German, so you should be able to read a german text.

This site offers textes to read http://www.deutschfans.com/texte and a here http://www.deutschfans.com/quiz you can train grammar and words. Here are chapters about german culture http://www.deutschfans.com/landeskunde and there are also e-books and short story for free http://www.deutschfans.com/lesen.

The e-book "Ähnlich, aber nicht gleich" is for free and is a list of word which are similar but noch the same in German.

regards Angel

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