"The girl and the woman sleep."

Translation:Riña ābrā ēdrusi.

August 15, 2017



For quickness I did: Riña aabraa eedrusi and the system marked it wrong saying it should be Riña ābrā ēdrusi. However, on the main page it stated you can use double letters to replace the accented ones. Anyone else having this issue? This is the only one I keep getting this.

September 28, 2017


This happened to me twice...

January 27, 2018


I think that’s only for the letter “y”.

March 19, 2018


Whats the diffeence between a and ā

May 12, 2019


The "ā" at the end of "ābrā" means that there's an "and" before "ābra".

Riña ābrā = A girl and a woman

May 19, 2019


How is ēdrusi used?

August 15, 2017


In this case, the girl and the woman are both sleeping. Because there are multiple subjects (the girl and the woman) performing the same action, the verb is plural thus ēdrusi is used. If there was only one subject preforming the action, we would use ēdrus.

September 4, 2017
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