Devices don't sync Duolingo

On my iPad I have gems. On my computer I have lingots. If I make a wager on my iPad, it doesn't show on my computer. Wagers cost different amounts on the iPad and on the computer. This is confusing. Is anyone else experiencing this? What is happening?

1 year ago

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Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, everyone who is using the iOS App.
The iOS App has another learning system, than the web version and the Android App.
In the Duolingo Help Center you can read about the Health and Gems of the iOS App, and the Lingots in the Android App and the web version.

Use on your iPad Duolingo's web version ( in a modern browser (Firefox or Chrome) instead of the iOS App.

1 year ago

Yes, the same thing is happening with my iphone. I wagered the 7 day streak and it doesn't show on my lap top. I used my lap top last night and neither my phone or computer are showing it. I lost my wager and this is the second time this has happened. I'm getting pissed and looking for another program to use.

1 year ago
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