What does "Nanda yo" mean in Japanese?

In Japanese anime, you've most likely heard people saying upset "Nandayo " (何だよ), and wondered what it means, and how it is used?

" Nandayo " (何だよ) Means basically: "What the hell!", The kanji: 何 - nan, means "what". Japanese people have "dayo" (-だよ) ending particles, that basically express that you are disturbed / irritated / angry... Japanese people sometimes use it in, for example, when you say "why", which would be "Doushite" (どうして) In Japanese, if you are angry, you can say "Nande dayo?!" (何でだよ) which also means "Why", but more like "But why?!" or "WHY?!?!?!"

8/15/2017, 5:09:03 PM


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