"Kesy blēno naejon issa?"

Translation:Is this the front side of the mountain?

August 15, 2017

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Shouldn't it be 'Keson blēno naejon issa' as 'naejon' is terrestrial?


'Kesy' is the substantive form used when not followed by any particular noun. 'Keson naejon' where naejon is in the nominative form is a correct expression. 'Keson bleeno naejon' where naejon is in the accusative form is not.


Naejon is not in the accusative. Issa does not make anything take the accusative


I have a pronunciation question. I tend to pronounce the "y" at the end of a word more like an "i" as in "kesi". For example in the word "azantyssy" I pronounce the first y like "ü" and the second one more like an "i". Is that correct or should both have the "ü" sound? Because in this audio file here I hear the "ü" in kesy a bit more than ususal.

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