"Pure lui ha uno specchio."

Translation:He also has a mirror.

March 9, 2013

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What is the correct pronunciation of pure? The audio above gives what I thought was correct (like "poore") but the audio in the lessons say "piure" or "pyure" like the English pronunciation of pure. I reported it but is there a regional difference?


Now the audio above has changed! It also sounds like the English pronunciation of "pure" I think it should be like "poor eh"


It is definitely read in English, a small mistake..


I got this wrong offering Also he has a mirror.

Searching the WordReference.com forums I found Concordo con tutti coloro che hanno scritto ma aggiungerei che, di solito, "pure" comporta un leggero rafforzamento di significato, una certa enfasi. (native Italian speaker). He says he agrees with what has gone before (that "pure" and "anche" mean the same, so my transation should be accepted) but "pure" does add una certa enfasi (a certain emphasis). Perhaps. But absent any context the words mean the same and the answers should reflect this. I shall suggest "Also he has a mirror" be accepted .....


Also he has a mirror - is accepted (Feb 2016)


Did you report it in the report field? I am not so sure that suggestions made here are implemented.


Does this mean he has a mirror in addition to other people that have a mirror, or he has a mirror in addition to other things he has?


Dear Duolingo please correct the audio every time the Italian word 'pure' occurs in a phrase it is mispronounced I have reported this error each time I encounter it so far to no avail.


"He has a mirror also" was not accepted, but seems very similar to the accepted "he also has a mirror" and "he has a mirror too".


He too has a mirror is accepted


Why is he even has a mirror not acceptable?


Did you try " Even he has a mirror".


I'd like an explanation for that too ,please


What a pronunciation of "pure", haha...


What she said does not sound at all like the italian words


Pure pronunciation is totally wrong.. It must be read as it is, pure with the accent on u: pùre. I can't hear this... XD


Why is it not "un' specchio?


"uno" before nouns start with "s" or "z".


Why is " Even him has a mirror" incorrect ?


"He also has a mirror" is not necessarily interchangeable with "Also he has a mirror." Compare "He too has a mirror, like her" with "In addition to a comb, he has a mirror."


audio STILL not working, 19.11.2021. and I see you reported it 10 months ago.......... :(


That's the Italian course, created and abandoned years ago....


Try contacting the help desk , see right at the bottom of this page, click on that and then on the following page, again right at the bottom there is the option to send a bug report, that should get their attention. it has worked for me in the past.

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