Fluency ?

I've done every topic in the curriculum and all bars are strengthened to five. I currently have a score of 68% and haven't a clue how to score higher. I've re taken several units even when the bars are full. How does one improve on the fluency rating ? Anyone? B-

August 15, 2017


Ignore the Fluency. I've finished my Spanish tree, I'm level 24 in Spanish and Duolingo just ranked me higher in fluency in German over Spanish. But take heart, I've never seen that high of rating for fluency.

By the way David, I noticed you had your own website. I read your home page. That's a lot of traveling partner. But I must say, it does sound interesting. You've obviously studied the language arts in depth. How would you rate this Duolingo site. I'm going to take your advice and try and ignore the fluency rating, but I've achieved 69% and it's killing me with curiosity if 70 is doable ! :-). Bob-

Woow! Level 14 and you already have a Duolingo fluency of 68%. That is very good.

How does one improve on the fluency rating

Please, read my comments in these discussions

Thanks. I'll take a look at what you've passed along.

69%!! Is 70 doable?!

Yes, because you have a Fluency of 69,99521077035707 % at the moment.
Source: The first row in


Commonly, the fluency score will max out between 50% and 60% fluent (users usually won't achieve much higher percentages).

Here's a short, detailed article from Duolingo's Help Center explaining what the fluency score means:

Thanks. I'll take a look at that. B-

69%!! Is 70 doable!!??

68! Wow! That's a lot to me! Usually you can't get any higher than 60 and at the moment i'm only at something in the 20. Fluency is not important- ignore it. It is fun though, but it's not important at all. Really, believe me, 68 is a lot.

your wrong answers are effects your fluency i think

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