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Sonst VS Noch VS Schon?

What are the differences?

August 15, 2017



"Schon" is like already, like "Hast du das schon gemacht?" (Have you already done it?) "Noch" is like still, like "Ich muss das noch machen!" (I have still to do this!) "Sonst" is like otherwise, like "Beeil dich, sonst verpasst du den Zug! (Hurry up, otherwise you'll miss the train)


But I've seen stuff like "sonst noch" "sonst noch etwas" and weird combination of each other and other words too.

Do they have any other meanings?


"Sonst noch" and "sonst noch etwas" are used like "else" e.g. "Was brauchst du sonst noch?", "Brauchen Sie sonst noch etwas?" (Do you need anything else?)

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