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Learning a new language with my daughter.


My daughter is currently on her school holidays getting ready to start middle school in 6 weeks time. I have been told she will be doing French as her first language (other than English) so I have decided to try and teach her to give her the best head start I can... So for the last 2 days when my wife asks can you get the kids I call them Le Garcon and La fille to help myself and my daughter get used to the words. Its great bonding whilst learning a new language and we are all having fun. throughout the last couple of days we have been saying phrases like "tu es une fille?" to which she would reply "je suis une fille" It's baby steps at the moment but for a 9 year old its great to see her so willing to learn. I myself will be turning 30 this year (in 3 months time gulp) and have always wanted to be able to speak another language. So I have made it my goal to learn this with my little Fille! I'm not saying i will be fluent but I would like to know basic french by then even if I cant say all the words :) I know this post is random but just wanted to share my journey with you all and I will keep you updated!

  • Un très fier papa!

Who else has done the same?

August 15, 2017



This is an excellent way to spend time and encourage learning with your daughter. I am teaching my children French as well, and while I am far from fluent, we're all making progress.

Keep it up!


Thank you for your comment :) The second I got home from work today she ran over and shouted The boy The Girl in french quick! haha I struggled but got it :)


I have been doing this ever since my daughter was 1. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done! I'm so encouraged to hear someone else out there doing the same! More power to you!


Thank you for your comment! we have so far done 3 days in a row :) and have just hit our basic 3 level. tomorrows lesson is basic 4. What I do is one lesson from the day before and 2 of the new lesson and then I get her to do the test on her own from what she has learned today. Today's test was hard but she remembered it all. lets see if she remembers it tomorrow. By the way you are learning a lot of languages haha.


Best of luck to you both! Just think of how great it will feel years from now, when you look back and think "whoa, all this started with a little Duolingo each day." As for the flags under my name... nah, that's just what I've tried at different intervals throughout my tenure here. Mainly I focus on French and Ukrainian now. Cheers!


Give your fille a high-five from me.


Will do Woof thank you :)


Nope. Thank you.


Thank you all so much for the great comments and support! I didn't expect to see all of these messages and comments when I went online today. My daughter was really smiling when I read them out to her. Your comments are inspiring us both even more to learn. i'm just gutted I didn't do this sooner!


I'm glad you like it.


A great idea! I hope you both continue to enjoy learning :)


thank you for your comment


There are a lot of videos in french on YouTube for children, as I'm sure you already know. Maybe you and your family would enjoy watching them together? Peppa the Pig is very basic. Or movies in french with english subtitles enabled to get used to the sounds of spoken french.

I tried learning french with my daughter, we watched "French in Action" together, which is a wonderful program for french immersion learning. It is available for free online if you live in the U.S.. It gets difficult very fast, though.

I wish you every success and lots of fun!


This is exactly what I said to my wife. I want to watch a film I know off by heart in French so I know what they are roughly talking about :) It will help me get used to the language more. in the mean time peppa pig is a great idea as my 2 year forces us all to watch it everyday anyway lol so lets put it in french. I'm sure my daughter (even though she wont admit it) will watch it with us lol. We are from the UK by the way :)


I love your story! It reminds me of my father and myself.

After telling him about how much Duolingo has helped me learn French and Spanish over the years, my dad finally decided to try the Spanish course a few months ago. It's amazing how motivating it can be to have someone else in your household learning a language (in fact, it makes me a little competitive :P), and I'm sure it'll help you guys out, too.

Keep up the good work! The rewards of learning another language are greater than you could ever imagine!

Bonne chance à vous!


This is so cool! I'm just starting too, and am really enjoying it! I'm planning on visiting Paris next year, so I need to learn the language, so I can converse a little ;) all the best for your guys progress!


Family bonding over a beautiful thing like language, is in itself a very beautiful process :) I know someone here on Duo whose post I read a long time ago - she was a mother. She had her son quit school or something, and they were travelling around the world learning new languages! (I may have muddled up the details somewhat). I feel it's a great chance for a great parent-child relationship :)


That's so great!

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