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  5. "Noi coborâm încet."

"Noi coborâm încet."

Translation:We descend slowly.

August 15, 2017



Isn't "We slowly descend" also a valid translation for this sentence?


I think "come down" works just as well


I wrote: "we come down slowly" and it was rejected. Like Eric (above) I think that come down is much more commonly used than descend eventhough, being of Italian origin, I use descend from scendere (descendere in Latin) sometimes.


Agreed, "descend" is not so commonly used in English, and mainly only in certain contexts. Reported.


Reported too. "A cobori" in the infinite lesson is translated as "to come down".


On second thoughts the use of descend depend from the context. For instance one descend from a mountain after having escalated it. The fact that slowly was added leads me to believe that this is context that question is based on and reminds me of when I was a mountain goat in the Alps!To many years ago!!)

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