Does anyone have any tips for learning Swahili? I just can't seem to get the hang of this silly thing...

August 15, 2017


Write. Down. Vocab. Everyone's learning styles are different, but for me this really helped me remember the words and also grammar concepts. Plus, it's nice to have some words and such to look back on easily. If you're losing motivation, checking out some simple music and such in the language might also help. (Here are a bunch of resources.) Don't forget to take it slow. Binge-learning isn't good, and keeping it simple can help not to overwhelm.

Speak the answers as you type them. Or say the Swahili as you write the English. Remember to look at the tips and notes to see how they pronounce the letters in Swahili!

Practice, practice practice. I use memrise to learn all the words. You also need to use a lot of other sources next to DuoLingo. You need a lot perseverance and patience.

Make sure to use it. Speak and write with people on HelloTalk, Italki or

Writes a lot in Swahili. Get it corrected by people there.

That is a very good question and although there are many apps and other tools out there to learn languages, I still believe that the best way is to communicate with a native speaker to help you practice and correct you when needed. Something most online tools are so reliable. I am a native speaker and make free materials. I have a YoutUbe channel only for learning Swahili. Please check it out and reach out. I like helping people learning this language. YouTube:

Asante sana.

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