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"My mother is here and my father is there."

Translation:Моя мати тут, а мій батько там.

August 15, 2017



When do you use "тато" and when "батько"?


Roughly in the same situations as when you say "dad" and "father" in English.


Isnt 'a' used as but, and 'i' used as and?


і can connect words (e.g. "апельсини і яблука" - "oranges and apples") or sentences. а connects only sentences.

і is used in the case where the connected sentences are "agreeing", and а is when they are "contrasting". For example:

Я бачу апельсини і ти бачиш апельсини.

Я бачу апельсини, а ти бачиш яблука.

Я бачу апельсини, а ти не бачиш апельсини.

Due to the feeling of contrast, even though а is a form of "and", it can also be translated as "but".

(Note: in Ukrainian, "but" is "але")


Difference between моя, мої, мій ?


Why 'a' instead of 'ta' or 'i'?


In short, "а" is an "і" with a flavour of "but".

When connecting two sentences that contrast each other, we use "а", while "і/й/та" connects the ones with the same or similar meaning. In English there is no such concept and both are connected with "and".


  • Моя мати тут, і мій тато тут. (My mother is here and my father is here.)
  • Моя мати тут, а мій тато там. (My mother is here and my father is there.)
  • Я люблю морозиво, і він теж. (I like ice cream and he does too.)
  • Я люблю морозиво, а він ні. (I like ice cream and he doesn't.)


Note: "і" can connect nouns (кіт і пес) as well as sentences, but "а" connects only sentences.


Can you not say тут моя мама?

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