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"My mother is here and my father is there."

Translation:Моя мати тут, а мій батько там.

August 15, 2017



When do you use "тато" and when "батько"?


Why 'a' instead of 'ta' or 'i'?


In short, "а" is an "і" with a flavour of "but".

When connecting two sentences that contrast each other, we use "а", while "і/й/та" connects the ones with the same or similar meaning. In English there is no such concept and both are connected with "and".


  • Моя мати тут, і мій тато тут. (My mother is here and my father is here.)
  • Моя мати тут, а мій тато там. (My mother is here and my father is there.)
  • Я люблю морозиво, і він теж. (I like ice cream and he does too.)
  • Я люблю морозиво, а він ні. (I like ice cream and he doesn't.)


Note: "і" can connect nouns (кіт і пес) as well as sentences, but "а" connects only sentences.


Can you not say тут моя мама?

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