Cannot get off home page

When I'm on the home page and click on either an old lesson, for practice, or (what ought to be) the current lesson, the screen temporarily blanks and then redisplays the home page. The only thing I can do from the home page is to click on the "strengthen" button, which will present some collection of review questions. Things were working fine until a week or so ago. What on earth is going on? I have reported this bug, but who knows if that will do any good?

1 year ago


Sometimes if to much people do duolingo at the same time something goes wrong.

1 year ago

I once had about the same problem but I think it was just because of the internet that wasn't working very well, although this might not be the same cause as your problem.

1 year ago

I agree, have the same problem. Def. not my internet connection. Logged in, can't get anywhere except "strenghthen"

1 year ago
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Do you use an outdated browser like Internet Explorer?
For the last week, in other discussions, the solution was:
Install the newest Chrome version.

If this is not the solution for you, give us some more information please.

  1. Operating system of your device + version number

  2. Browser + version number

  3. Android, iOS or Windows App and version number

1 year ago

Thanks. Duolingo works fine on the chrome.browser..

FWIW, problem occurred on an up-to-date microsoft edge brower:

OS: Windows 10 Home edition version 1607 build 14393.1593

browser: edge, version 38.1493.1593

(And, though I can read posts to this group on the edge browser, I can't respond to them with edge -- must use chrome instead.)

1 year ago
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