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Bilingual stories

Choose 2 languages to display stories side by side. Free content available before modest fee to unlock all content. Removes native translation with a touch.


One of my favorite sites

August 16, 2017



Oh yay, it's made it to iOS! Now if they will just add Hebrew...

Thanks for the heads up.


I will have to remember to get that for android! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, when you say free content available before modest fee to unlock all content... does that mean you only have a limited time to use it before you have to pay, or just that there is some locked content?


some stories require paying but the free content remains free forever. also they update the app and add stories often.


I decided to try it out- it's awesome! Thanks! Do you know of any other apps that like this one, just have little things to make learning a language easier? (I'm taking Spanish so I can help interpret for my friend, but I also want to try Chinese...)

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