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Need a quick course in French! Help!

Hello, I need a quick crash course in French because I need to learn about 5 years' worth of French in one month! Please tell me about any resources that you might know about, it will be of great help to me. I am currently struggling most with verbs and all the different tenses and things like "que" and stuff, and I also need to buck up a lot on my vocabulary. So please, anything will help.

August 16, 2017



Here are some links:

This link has many free audiobooks in French:

Here are 6 lists of several French verbs and its conjugation:

This is a game of Karaoke in French:

Youtube channels:

French radios:

I hope it helps you. :)


HERE is a good resource for you :)


(many links within it)



Consider the Pimsleur method, not free and not online. See "http://www.pimsleur.com/the-pimsleur-method". Don't be fooled by scams that illegally use the name "Pimsleur."


Pimsleur will teach about a month (if that) of French in a year, rather than the other way around.


Thank you all! I'll definitely check these resources out. If you find about or know about more resources please let me know, it'll be greatly appreciated.


You could try what I am doing, but crunched into a month.

Duolingo - you want at least 15000xp or 50 lessons/day, that will take a few hours.

Anki (free) - 5000 word deck (lets go for 3000) that is 100/day, that will take another couple hours.

Yabla ($10 for the month) - 50 hours of video, so a couple more hours a day.

8hrs like that a day and hopefully you will be rocking, or you will melt your brain.


These are important: Je suis Tu es Il/elle est Vous etes Nous sommes Ils/elles sont

Or: J'aime Tu aimes... These are very imporant.

Nouns are easy to remember, maison, jardin chien, chienne (feminine), chat, chaton (kitten), fleur... Des fleurs, des maisons, des chiennes.... Try practicing Duolingo more and don't just rush into it, doing one, then another, then another... When you're finished with one, strengthen it and while you're doing that, practice other skills. Strengthen especially. This helps you not to forget things. YOu can start conversations in French at discussion too and try talking more French.

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