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  5. "Der Student lernt nicht."

"Der Student lernt nicht."

Translation:The university student does not study.

March 9, 2013



I wrote "The student learns nothing" and it was accepted, but "Der Student lernt nichts" would be more appropriate for my translation, correct?


student Vs. schüler any difference?



"In Germany, the German cognate term "student" is reserved for those attending a university. University students in their first year are colloquially called Ersties ("firsties"). Different terms for school students exist, depending on which kind of school is attended by the student. The general term for a person going to school is Schüler or Schülerin. Students attending a university preparatory school are called Gymnasiasten, while those attending other schools are called Hauptschüler or Realschüler. Students who graduate with the Abitur are called Abiturienten."



So is there an 'eleven plus' kinda test in Germany? I have heard old people talk about how the eleven plus seperated you into different types of school in the UK, some decades ago.

That doesn't exist anymore in Britain, as all pupils in state education now go to the same state schools,but does an equivalent exist in Germany?


Should the translation be "The student is not learning"? 'The university student is not studying' would be 'Der Student wird nicht studieren', or perhaps 'Der Student studiert nicht'- which in my mind would imply that the student was actively neglecting his studies (where as the first sentence does not seem to blame the student for a failure to learn)...


I would think that 'studieren' is a far better translation of study. Of course the blanket term 'lernen' can mean 'study' sometimes, I definitely would immediately think of 'learn' such as in a classroom or on a course instead of studying in a library etc.


'Pupil' is not a correct translation of 'Student?' The pupil learns nothing was marked wrong. Should I report?


Your translation is wrong. Please read the previous comments.


Pupil/anyone K-12 = Schüler/in

College kid = Student/in


"Der Student lernt nicht" vs "Die Studentin hat eine Katze"

I got these two examples one after the other. Both translate to the "the student" (singular). Why?

  • der Student = the university student (male)

  • die Studenten = the university students (male or male and female)

  • die Studentin = the university student (female)

  • die Studentinnen = the university students (female)


Can the translation be: "The university student is not learning."

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