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When to not use the articles?

In the second lesson, I've noticed these phrases:

"Adieu, les garcons!" and, "Bonjour, les filles!"

I guess I've never seen these uses before and it comes off awkward to me. Is there a specific explanation for this basic concept? More examples like these?

June 27, 2012



We tend to drop the definite article in English. It may sound awkward in this particular context, but what about: "Say goodbye to the girls, before you leave." "Goodbye [the] girls".


Individual addresses containing the article sound similarly alien to me, but are also correct: "monsieur le professeur", "madame le docteur".


It may not sound very correct when directly translated in to English, but it's definitely right in French.


So does that mean, in the context of say a movie with a mean father, he could walk in and say "Adieu le garcon" would be "Good bye boy"?

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