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  5. "Sikula chakula"

"Sikula chakula"

Translation:I did not eat the food

August 16, 2017



Isn't this also "I don't eat the food"?


No, "Sili chakula" is "I don't eat the food." Monosyllabic verbs such as "kula" drop their infinitive "ku-" in the negative present tense. The infix "-ku-" in "sikula" instead marks the negative past tense: "I did not eat" (ref. Simplified Swahili, chapter 32)


Actually, it would be sili chakula. For negative Bantu verbs the ending changes from -a to -i in the present tense.


You're right and thanks for catching my typo, edited above.


I have a question - who from you use also some another materials for learn ? I say that " sikula" is wrong but my comment was eliminated.


The ‘hover’ says both I did not eat and I do not eat’


It's wrong. I've just reported it.


so how would you say, "I didn't eat any food." Because that is the normal way to say it in English, unless you are talking about specific food, as, for instance, "Did someone eat my fried chicken?" No, I did not eat the food/chicken." We would never say "I did not eat food." I realize Swahili does not usually take the articles, but it seems in this case we should have a translation for "any."


Sikula chakula chochote

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