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How can you start learning a new language without finishing the one you already did ?

Hi everyone I was just scrolling thru here and saw alot of people who learning different languages without reaching the level 25. I want to start a new language too but im scared that all of my work here would be gone. My questions are: 1- How can a person start a new language without finishing the one he/she already did? (like I started German and I am still on that but I want to learn French at the same time WITHOUT my works dissapearing) 2- And can he or she continue the all languages that they are learning from his phone or laptop ?

Can someone give me advice for that please ?

If you didn't understand what I am talking about I'll make it clearer: The flags that near your username is sembolizing the languages that you are learning right? And I saw a lot of people having like 10 flags at the same time. How can they do that ? Please let me know the answer. I really do want to start a new language.

Thank all of you who helped me. And sorry for being

August 16, 2017



Hi, you have to choose "settings", then on the left side the option "learning languages". Then you see the language you're learning. Choose the button "see all language Courses" that choose the language you want and bush the button " start course"


on the flag next to your name, hover over it and you'll it will open. Select add new course.


Just click on the flag near your picture and choose "Add a new course", then you can switch between them from the same place.



You can add any new language from here, and as many as you want. Your progress in the other(s) is not removed, it is entirely retained and you can switch between any language at any time. This can be done across all platforms.


thank you for helping :9 and btw my mother tounge is turkish hahah nice to see someone is learning that


Yep, I think it's an interesting language!


You can do another language as long if you have time to practice both languages a lot. If you just to a little bit of that and a little bit of that it won't work.10 languages is a bit to much to me, though.


10 languages was just a example haha it is much for me too. thanks for answering


Do as many as you want.


Hola gloadc, while I can't give advice, I can comment that I am somewhat in that position. My Spanish tree is finished except for going back and "golding" up the ones needing strengthing, which seems it will take awhile., even though it will only give me the next level. So in the mean time, I've decided, to start another language, after reading about Esperanto. While I do a couple of "re-dos" in Spanish, I'll start working on the alphabet and such. I also wondered if that would work, and since I'm so far along in Spanish, I think I can do both. Esperanto is easier and somewhat like spanish. I think a lot depends on the kind of learner you are, how quickly you pick things up.


Many of us doing many languages have been here for a while. I am not studying every single one of these right now, but I have been on Duolingo for over 3 years, so I am usually studying between 2-5 at one time, but your progress remains even when you have finished a course. You also don't need to get to 25 to be done with a course. It is entirely possible to do every lesson once and finish a course at level 10-13, depending on how long it is.

How many you can handle at a time will depend on you, how much time you have and how easily studying language comes to you.


Hi. If you have time , you can do two languages easily - just decide which of them is more important. I am taking spanish as nr. 1 and German as supplement. I find it easier to memorize words when learning two languages instead of only one.But you have to keep in mind that people are different and what is good for me , might be not so good for you. you have to try for some time and later decide.There are so many things it can depend on -is it your first second language , how many languages you use every day etc.etc. And your question nr.2 -you can easy switch from one to another languages on smartphone or laptop.Good luck and do not be afraid of trying something out.


I always learn all the grammar / tenses of one language before moving onto the next. Which can kind of be seen in the levels of the languages on my profile (ignoring the few I try out to level 4 then decided not to persue) I started Spanish ages ago and finished the tree and redid parts so I fully understood every tense and could esily conjugate regular verbs and ustilise/understand all the grammar. Then I started learning more passsively and only really using the tree to memorise vocabulary, This is when I started the French tree and began learning all the tenses of this one while still passively learning Spanish. I reccently started a new tree (German) after I finished the French one a while back and have been doing passive learning on both it and Spanish for a while now.

This has worked very well for me and I could not imagine it having worked as well any other way so my advice would be to get down all the grammar of your current tree and start the new one when you begining more passive learning of the first. It is plausibly okay to learn two at the exact same time but I don't think you will get as far with either of them as you would doing this method


I can on the mobile app. I imagine you probably can on the website version aswell.

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