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"The colors of the shoe are violet and pink."

Translation:Màu của chiếc giày là tím và hồng.

August 16, 2017



Why is it là here and not có for colours?


I believe it's because màu is earlier in the sentence. The answer they post is like saying "color of the shoe is purple and pink". You wouldn't say "color of the shoe has purple and pink" because you're talking about what the color is, not about the shoe. You could say "chiếc giày có màu tím và hồng" to say the shoe has pink and purple. That's when you would say noun has color x instead of noun is color x.


"những màu của giày là màu tím và màu hồng" wrong???


Bạn nên dùng từ "màu sắc" thay cho "những màu"

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Why there is no những before màu?


Why is chiếc here?


the classifier is needed to indicate that is a specific shoe, and not shoes in general


it accepted this answer: các màu cái giày là màu tím và hồng. Duo likes you retain it's sentence order, so saying the shoes are coloured pink and purple won't get passed, they want you to say 'the colours of the shoe are....'


Any answer yet as to why no những here but it's for other sentences?


Màu sắc của giày là màu tím và hồng. -> sai?


Is this possible: "Cái giấy có màu tím nhạt và màu hồng"


It should be "có" instead of "là" -- please fix this. The lesson states: "Formula for this: S + có + màu + color. (Example: Con chó có màu nâu (literally, The dog has color brown)). Do not use “to be” with color! "


Mau của cái đoi giày là tím và hồng

Is it correct? If not, please tell me in details. Thank you so much


In other, later, similar exercises--"the pandas are black and white"--it accepts 'có'. But why not here?

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