"Kama ukinywa pombe hutacheza muziki"

Translation:If you drink alcohol, you will not dance to music

August 16, 2017

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That's like, the only time i dance to music


What's this for a terrible sentence and translation? This module is full of mistakes, it needs fixing, otherwise we are more occupied with reporting than the actual studying. Time for the 'teachers' to step up their game...


That's why it's in beta. You can't expect them to catch every mistake when they had a deadline pressuring them to release it. Part of beta is having mistakes reported.


It been out of beta for a long time now, and this sentence is still here. Along with many others.


...you will not play music. In English, you don't "dance" music. It makes no sense


Should it be not play music, or not dance to music!


Should be dance "TO" music.

Also my personal experience indicates the opposite of this sentence ;)


seems to me that "if you drink alcohol you will not play music"... dance music seems too terse ...


Play music (maybe he is a musician) or dance to music.. eitherway I think it should accept play as well... since Kucheza means play and dance .. :/ That's my logic... maybe I need a better explanation.

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