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How many lessons in each Tree?

I often find myself looking up the number of lessons in an individual skill tree so that i can plan for how long i will need to complete a skill tree, or how many new lessons per day to finish the skill tree by a specific date. Is there a way to get the number of lessons in a skill tree without counting them. Like, a spot on the web or in the app that just tells you how many lessons there are total, and that updates when new lessons are added? If this doesn't exist already, is there a way i can get involved with trying to add a counting feature?

August 16, 2017



It varies from tree to tree. The Norwegian course is one of the longest and there are several quite short courses. You just have take each course that you are interested and count the lessons in each skill to get the total lessons per course.


I mean, sure, but i am trying to find the lazy way to get the same result. Or i want to work much harder on writing a program to count for me so that i don't have to count for myself. Because stubborn.


Each course varies in length. The German and Norwegian courses are the longest skill trees, while the shortest would be either Japanese (which is only available on iOS and Android) or High Valyrian. Here's a discussion displaying statistics for each Duolingo course:


YES! I love colored 3D graphs!


For what it's worth, the number of "words" taught in each course would seem the best statistc to predict the study workload from.

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