Viele WG's schreiben 'Hier is keine Zweck-WG' in der Beschreibung, wenn sie ein Zimmer vermieten wollen. Was bedeutet das eigentlich?

August 16, 2017


WG = Wohngemeinschaft, people sharing a flat.

Zweck means purpose, function.

So a Zweck-WG is a shared flat where people just share a flat to keep costs down, not because they really enjoy hanging out with each other. The people writing "hier is keine Zweck-WG" specifically look for Mitbewohner who want to interact and get to know each other.
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I know you are right but to an English speaker's intuition a "no purpose WG" seems to be the opposite.

It depends where you put the hyphen. A "no-purpose WG" would be a WG for no purpose, while a "no purpose-WG" would be a WG that is not for a purpose. Leaving it out allows ambiguity.
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@az_p - What is the difference between "for no purpose" and "not for a purpose"; now I'm confused.

The distinction is really only for pedants... but the former confirms that there is no purpose while the latter only refutes that there is a purpose.

Compare the structure with another example: "he does it for no money" vs "he does not do it for money".

Logically it's not something everyone grasps quickly, leading to the common misconception, for example, that atheism is "the belief that there is no god", instead of its true meaning "the lack of a belief in a god".
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No, what I meant was which living arrangement is for some communication amongst tenants and which is for money only?

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