"Kuruka kamba"

Translation:To jump rope

August 16, 2017

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should be skipping rope, since skipping is an activity all its own


Is "to skip" acceptable?


"To skip a rope" is now accepted, but not "To skip rope." But the article would not be used here in English. Reported.


Well, and I guess I have to point out that we Americans are learning proper English as well, as we call it jump rope - not jumping, just jump.. Not objecting, just sharing as we all no how frustrating it is to be almost complete with a segment and then fall back on something you knew...onward!!


There is no grammatical context here. Kuruka can be "to jump" or "jumping" (or "to fly" or "flying"). Swahili does not have a distinction between infinitives and gerunds except that the word order can have an outcome on the adjective agreement.

Ni vizuri kuruka kamba. It is good to skip/jump rope.
Kuruka kamba ni kuzuri. Skipping/Jumping rope is good.

Don't confuse the latter with:

Kamba ya kuruka ni nzuri. = A/the skipping/jumping rope is good.


I guess that must be American, but it still annoys me

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